Meet Jeb

Jeb arrived at Bangeston Hall some ten years ago. Life had previously been tough for Jeb and another move, wanted or unwanted, was just part of the ‘way it was’… But this move was to be different – life changing!

Today Jeb is settled. Life revolves around Bangeston Hall, where he has his own self-contained flat, workshop and every opportunity to indulge his main passion – bicycle maintenance.

Meet Paul

Paul has lived in the main house at Bangeston Hall since 2011. Paul is happy, content and engaged in 101 activities, although his favourite is undoubtedly mowing the lawn – the grass in the walled garden has never been so well kept! Enthusiastic is a word created for Paul! 

Imagine though, if you will, another time and another place, somewhere where all that energy and enthusiasm had to remain bottled up. This was Paul’s lot not so long ago. Returning to Pembrokeshire and then Bangeston Hall, changed all that and although Paul can sometimes be just a bit too enthusiastic on occasions for some, he is a much loved and valued member of the Bangeston team, as indeed are all of our service users, who in their own unique ways make up the place we love. Many simply call this home.