Our Sculpture Project

Service users have been working hard with our Sculpture in Residence Neil Machin creating a unique sculptural piece from the famous Bangeston Hall tree which fell down in recent storms after several hundred years. Because its cedar which is naturally oily we anticipate that the sculptures will last another hundred years or more.

Grounds Unearthed

We have decided to rescue the old woodland walk in the front field. For several years brambles had been allowed to take over the walk which had the effect of making the walk both less attractive and less accessible, albeit with the side benefit of plenty of blackberries in late summer.

At first we thought that it would make a good project for the gardening team but the size of the task was far too great. Two days with a JCB did the trick however and as well as a woodland walk we now also have a pretty good cycle track.

Lovely Day at Stockwell

The warm weather brought out service users and staff this weekend,  working hard in the gardens at Stockwell Road.

The new borders are really looking fabulous and well worth all of the effort.

Lets hope that we have a nice few months so that we can enjoy them and the great views of the boats on the Cleddau River

New Goslings Arrive

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New residents have arrived at the Geese and Duck enclosure in the shape of four goslings. They rarely stray from the side of their mother and always move as a foursome, no doubt this will change as they grow.
Less good news for one of our ducks that was sitting on her eggs overnight and was killed by what we presume was a fox, her eggs went cold   and we lost them as well.

Easter Egg Hunt at Bangeston


Our New Updated House at Freystrop

Have a look at Some updated pictures of our new site in Freystrop just outside Haverfordwest. We are currently assessing prospective candidates to move in over the coming months. The new site will be managed by Mark Nicholas who has been managing Stockwell Road until recently.

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