ASDAN – Towards Independence

Following a successful trial in 2012, Day Services at Bangeston now offers ‘Towards Independence’, a preparatory awards programme from ASDAN.

ASDAN is a charitable organisation managed by teaching professionals and is particularly well known for innovative curriculum development in the areas of personal, social and work-related learning. 

As well as being at the forefront of curriculum development in this area, all ASDAN programmes are recognised by the Department for Education and Skills. In addition, ASDAN is represented by the government’s PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic education) advisory group.

Core elements lie at the heart of all ASDAN programmes and qualifications which are designed to:

  • Encourage student centred learning
  • Challenge students to achieve
  • Enable students to learn through experience
  • Encourage development of a wide range of skills
  • Reward success.

‘Towards Independence’ presents a framework of activities through which personal, social and independence skills can be developed and accredited for adult learners with moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties.

The initial module ‘Starting Out’ is mandatory and provides the opportunity and help for the learner to recognise achievements and identify learning challenges and targets. These targets are then developed through a further ‘Towards Independence’ module.

The modules and activities offered by Bangeston are:

  • ‘Horticulture’ - covers getting ready to work in the garden, using tools safely, growing seeds and plants indoors and outdoors and keeping the garden tidy
  • ‘Making Pictures’ - includes using different tools, mixing colours, copying outlines and colours, using black and white print, making collages and taking part in a mini enterprise scheme
  • ‘Everyday Living’ - covers activities such as ‘Myself and Others’, ‘In the Home’, During the Day and ‘Out and About’
  • ‘Sound, Rhythm & Music’ - includes listening to sounds, using a tape recorder/CD player, making sounds with your body, making rhythms, playing percussion, using your voice, singing together and listening to music.

While ASDAN is not suitable for all our service users, the majority are currently taking part in at least one or more of the above modules.