Support Workers (full-time and bank staff)

Reporting to: Service Manager and Senior Support Workers 

Main purpose of the post
: To work with service users with autistic spectrum disorders to help them to overcome some of the difficulties posed by the ‘triad of impairment’ and other deficits associated with the condition.

See the full job specification below. As well as full-time Support Workers, we are currently seeking bank staff Support Workers who we would contact when required, for example to cover for staff holidays or absence.

To apply for the position of Support Worker (please specify if full-time or bank staff) you can fill in our online application form
or download a printable PDF version to complete by hand and send to us in the post.


1) To act as a support worker to a number of service users and to be responsible for assisting in producing assessments of strengths and needs and to ensure that these are recorded in the initial individual programme plan.
2) To support service users in the day-to-day management of their home, including teaching domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping and laundry.
3) To assist service users with personal care as necessary to help them to be aware of the need to change their clothing and to help them select clothes that are appropriate for their age and to the activity that they are undertaking.
4) To assist service users to learn new skills in all areas of their lives, to enable them to become as independent as possible.
5) To support service users in daily occupations which are meaningful and valued.
6) To encourage and support service users’ participation in the local community in as full a sense as possible and to advocate for their right to be included in the life of their community.
7) To be responsible for a number of key service users and to record their progress towards agreed goals.
8) To be responsible for ensuring that key service users’ personal records are maintained and kept up-to-date, including answering relevant correspondence.
9) To attend relevant reviews or case conferences and to contribute to discussion about service users.
10) To act as a link person between families, relevant professionals and Pembrokeshire Resource Centre Ltd (PRC) (Bangeston Autism Care Services) in respect of all key service users.
11) To support service users who have moved on from the Centre to live more independently in the local community.
12) To encourage and assist service users to look after their money.


1) To help evaluate the quality of life of service users and to take part in periodic service evaluations.
2) To work flexible hours in response to the needs of the service users, which includes weekends, may include working bank holidays and/or Christmas and some sleep-in duties.
3) To undertake any administrative tasks that arise during the course of your duties.
4) To become familiar with all health & safety systems operating within the Centre and to ensure that these are adhered to at all times.
5) To become familiar with all fire regulations operating within the Centre and to ensure that these are complied with at all times.
6) To attend and participate in staff meetings.
7) To attend and participate in regular personal supervision sessions and personal appraisal sessions.
8) To attend and participate in regular staff training.
9) To contribute as appropriate to policy reviews and service planning meetings in relation to the work of PRC.
10) To carry out any other relevant tasks which may be reasonably requested by the Senior Support Worker or Manager.
11) To uphold the principles and values of PRC and to apply these at all times when dealing with service users.
12) To personally undertake domestic tasks as required.
13) To undertake any other jobs at a similar level which the Manager may reasonably ask.

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To apply for a this job at Bangeston, you can fill in our online application form opposite or download a PDF version to complete by hand and send in the post.
Within the job specifications and application forms, Bangeston Autism Care Services is also referred to as the Pembrokeshire Resource Centre Ltd or PRC.

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