Staff Training

Staff Training
At Bangeston Autism Care Services we have developed a unique training programme that is available to help all staff develop their knowledge of autism, learning disabilities, mental health and challenging behaviour. 

We link training to practice and also measure competence and acquired knowledge through work-based and academic assignments. Staff who successfully complete the training achieve national vocational qualifications, resulting in salary increases and improved quality of service.

The training takes six months to complete and involves six formal training days, with four weeks between each one, where the participant completes a work-based assignment related to the training. This is then presented at the next training session together with the completion of a written test. Following the final session each participant completes an assignment, which can be either a reflective account, a review of some practical work or an in-depth essay.

Broadly, the content of the six formal training days and themed assignments is:

  • Understanding autism, learning disabilities, and mental illness
  • The triad of impairments, theory of mind and central coherence
  • The spectrum of autism, behavioural aspects of autism and sensory aspects of autism
  • Challenging behaviour and the causes, factors and cycle of arousal
  • Meeting challenges and creating therapeutic environments
  • Positive behaviour management including communication
  • Attitudes, values and beliefs including the impact of interrelations with service users.

As well as testing acquired knowledge through assignments, the training programme includes close supervision and discussion about the staff member’s practical progress.

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