Night Support Workers

• Are you looking for a new challenge with a progressive company delivering residential care in Pembrokeshire?
• Do you want to work with young adults on the autistic spectrum helping them to achieve greater independence?

If you do then we have the following vacancies

Waking Night Staff

The positions are to work with challenging adults on the autistic
spectrum and will involve working a fixed number of hours each evening.

Bangeston Hall (SA72 4RX) - 40 hrs a week over 4 nights

Rosendale Park, Lydstep (SA70 7SQ) - 30 hours per week over 3 nights.


1) To assist service users during the night with all areas of personal care as necessary. This may include toileting, bathing, changing for bed and general personal   care.
2) To comfort service users who wake, and help to reduce any distress or anxiety that may prevent them from sleeping. This may include preparing drinks or light snacks if required.
3) When this has been achieved, to help service users to return to their beds, if necessary and ensure that they are settled.
4) In the event of a serious emergency to wake the sleeping support workers.
5) To help service users who rise early to wash, dress and prepare their choice of breakfast.
6) To report on the night’s events to the Senior Support Worker on duty at 7am, before leaving the Centre.


1) To contribute to service users’ records as necessary and to provide information about service users for reviews and case conferences.
2) To help evaluate the quality of life for service users and take part in periodic service evaluations.
3) To undertake administrative tasks as agreed with the Service Manager.
4) To ensure the home is clean and free from offensive odours.
5) To undertake the cleaning of all communal areas on a daily basis.
6) To ensure that all laundry is cleaned and ironed daily.
7) To become familiar with all health & safety systems operating within the Centre and ensure that these are adhered to at all times.
8) To become familiar with all fire regulations within the Centre and to ensure that these are complied with at all times.
9) To attend and participate in personal supervision sessions and personal appraisal sessions.
10) To attend and participate in staff training exercises.
11) To contribute, as appropriate to policy reviews and service planning meetings in relation to the work of the Pembrokeshire Resource Centre Ltd (PRC) (Bangeston Autism Care Services).
12) To carry out any other relevant tasks which may be reasonably requested by the Manager.
13) To uphold the principles and values of PRC and to apply these at all times when dealing with service users.
14) To administer medication following PRC guidelines.

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To apply for a this job at Bangeston, you can fill in our online application form opposite or download a PDF version to complete by hand and send in the post.
Within the job specifications and application forms, Bangeston Autism Care Services is also referred to as the Pembrokeshire Resource Centre Ltd or PRC.

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