A focus on good food...

At Bangeston Autism Care Services, we take the health and wellbeing of our residents very seriously. We are constantly working to improve our weekly menus to ensure service users both enjoy the meals we serve and get as much nutritional goodness from them as possible. For example, did you know you can significantly enrich your diet and your health by eating seafood regularly?

Food education is part of life at Bangeston Hall and all our other centres. We communicate regularly with service users about the options available. Because our service users have autistic spectrum conditions and are all treated as individuals, we may take different approaches to clearly explain the nutritional benefits.  

See our latest menu below. From speaking to our service users, their favourite meal in the last month was [insert dish] because [insert reasons]!

What’s more, most of the ingredients in our meals are sourced locally, from fruit and vegetables to meat and fish, which means we can support businesses in our area and ingredients don’t need to travel far, which is great news for our carbon footprint!

Week One 
Veg Soup & Crusty Roll
Baked Potato topped with ham and Cheese
Sandwich with Crisps
Bacon & Chicken pasta bake
Ham & Salad Wraps
Scrambled Eggs on Toast & Sausage
Bacon Roll
Cottage Pie & Vegetables
Poached Cod and Haddock with Croquette Potatoes and Vegetables
Chicken with Peppers, Mushrooms and Wild Rice
Vegetarian Lasagne
Pembroke Fish Pie with Peas and Oven Chips
Chick Pea and Vegetable Curry with Mild Fruity Rice
Roast Beef Dinner
Home made Peach Yoghurt
Fruit Salad
Chocolate Mousse
Apple Crumble & Custard
Rice Pudding & Jam
Fruit Jelly & Ice Cream