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This section of the website offers further information about the Bangeston Autism Care Services centre, autism and useful external resources.

Our autism Definitions and Top Ten Facts pages abve provide handy at-a-glance guides to autism types, terminology, facts and myths. 

For professionals within local authorities working with individuals with autism, visit How to Make a Referral as a first step to a valuable relationship with Bangeston.

There’s also a useful guide to catering at Bangeston. So many of us take meals and grocery shopping for granted but it’s an important consideration, so visit this page to read about how we ensure our residents have everything they need.

Are you an adult with autism? Read our FAQs for Residents. 

For parents, relatives or carers of an adult with autism, there are FAQs for Families or you can download our brochure.

Check out the Useful Links page for our recommended list of external websites. These sites will provide you with even more trusted information on autism, education, support and even about local attractions in Pembrokeshire!

Have a question that we have not answered on this website or want to arrange a visit or consultation? Please do not hesitate to contact us.