Main Hall
There really is no better way to learn about Bangeston Autism Care Services than hearing it directly from those who benefit the most from what we do – residents, their families and professionals, such as those in local authorities, who refer people to us for support. Here’s just a selection of the many kind comments we receive:
“I am happy with the service provided at Bangeston Hall. I am always made welcome and the staff always keep me updated about my brother’s progress.”

Sibling of a service user

Overall I was left with the feeling that you had achieved the balance of providing a very professionally run organisation within a warm, caring and pleasing environment.

Social worker

“I have lots of support from staff and they keep me informed about my son.”

Parent of a service user

“Overall, Bangeston Hall is excellent and meets ***’s needs. Management and staff understand *** and manage her behaviour and there has been an improvement in staff signing to her. Please pass on our thanks to all staff who care for *** and who also ‘look after’ us when we visit – we couldn’t cope without this support.”

Relative of a service user

“The review team wishes to acknowledge the significant efforts made by Bangeston in utilising an approach that is meaningful and relevant to the individual with an autism spectrum disorder.”

Autism accreditation

“The outdoor facilities, garden area and animals are excellent.”
“I was again impressed to see the place ‘alive’ with positive activity.”

Former inspector with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales

“They are very flexible and make a big effort to deal properly with people with different disabilities.”
“The facilities are good. The staff I meet are helpful, open and considerate. They appear to have the wellbeing of residents at the forefront and are well informed about the needs and wishes of residents.”
“The centre is very spacious. There’s lots of room to walk around and get away from everybody if you want to.”

Service user

“I am writing to you after visiting my brother today. We spent about five hours together and for the first time in many years he showed an increased degree of initiative. He didn’t need my presence or help in any of the social situations we encountered. He was polite and well-behaved; his abruptness and awkwardness were still evident but he was accepted because of his politeness. I feel this could only have occurred because of the help, support and correct treatment he has received at Bangeston. I know these are small steps but they are the first I have seen in 15 years or so. He feels at ease, comfortable and valued with you and this is slowly working through.”

Brother of service user