Nutrition Initiative

Nutrition management at Bangeston Autism Care Services is one example of our continual drive to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff.

We have commissioned a nutrition consultant to review all aspects of the menus at Bangeston and work closely with staff to identify areas for improvement. This led to a number of positive changes, including: 

  • Analysis of existing menus served
  • Guidelines being established to improve the nutritional value of those meals 
  • The introduction of a set standard of nutrition knowledge for all staff
  • A staff skills development programme in practical food preparation 
  • The launch of the ‘Little Changes’ scheme. This encourages service users to make small but significant changes to their diet, exercise and dental care. An audit process was also produced to monitor the application of the project.

Employee feedback to the results of the initiative was overwhelmingly positive. Many said the practical tips and advice had helped them to improve the diets and health of the service users in their care, and to create menus that are healthy ‘yet still contain treats’.