A focus on the best staff...

Our people are our main asset. Without their dedication, skill and expertise, we could not provide our residents with such high standards of tailored care and support, day in, day out. 

It is also important that all staff, especially those who are key workers, are able to contribute to the individual support plans and ongoing progress of service users.

In order to provide the best autism care and support as well as rewarding roles and career opportunities, Bangeston Autism Care Services runs ongoing staff training to:

  • Ensure each member of staff completes the necessary mandatory training
  • Develop knowledge of clinical matters necessary to do the job effectively
  • Build knowledge of autism and challenging behaviour to an advanced level
  • Equip staff with universal training so that they are all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’.

Our Staff
Interested in working at Bangeston? Check out the Careers page for our current vacancies. 

Meet the team...

Meet the Director...Stephen Jones

I have been Director of Bangeston Autism Care Services since 2003, with responsibility for finance and strategy. I work closely with Sheila Jack, the Director of Care, to ensure I have a constant overview of day-to-day operations.
My Background
For many years, I have specialised in the provision of quality services for young people with learning disabilities, autism, visual impairments or complex medical conditions. My qualifications are in teaching and psychology. Before joining Bangeston I was College Principal and Assistant Chief Executive of Henshaws Society for the Blind and before that I was an Educational Therapist at the Joint Services Medical Rehabilitation Unit at the Ministry of Defence working in its head injury unit where I coordinated the work of several disciplines to establish and run a specialist head injury unit, the first of its kind in the country.
A Focus on Bangeston
My priority is the same as it was ten years ago – to continue providing quality facilities for the growing number of people in the UK and internationally who are recognised as being on the autistic spectrum. You walk in the door at any of our properties and it doesn’t feel like ‘just another care home’. There’s a really pleasant family feel to all the properties. The variety of accommodation, services and activities available at Bangeston means we can ensure our facilities fit the individual, rather than making the individual fit our facilities.

Meet the Director of Care... Sheila Jack

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I am Director of Care and Manager at Bangeston Autism Care Services and I’ve been here since 1 July 2003. I am responsible for managing the main centre, overseeing the welfare of service users and promoting their development and independence. I also look after the satellite homes on Stockwell Road  and at Rosendale Park and the Old Manse Freystrop.
My Background
Before joining Bangeston I worked for Henshaws Society for Blind People as a Community Services Manager for 13 years.
A Focus on Bangeston
The most rewarding element of my job is to work with the service users as they develop in a safe and supportive environment and to see their happiness and quality of life improve as a result. We are able to cater for all levels of ability and there is so much variety here, allowing us to mould our services to the individual. The seven acres of land give service users space to get away from others when they wish, the gardens are beautiful and there’s plenty of activities for service users to get involved in, from arts and crafts to caring for the animals, which include micro-pigs and chickens. Plus, our day services are available on the same site so service users do not need to travel elsewhere unless they want to visit local attractions or access optional activities or services.

Meet the Head of Day Services... David Gleed

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I have worked at Bangeston Autism Care Services since September 2010. As Head of Day Services, education is my main remit. I oversee the tutors and the personal development of each service user and manage timetables on a 24-hourly basis. Timetabling is crucial in person-centred planning to ensure services and activities are suited to each individual and are as consistent as possible - consistency is vital for people with autism. I am also involved in maintaining the centre’s National Autistic Society Accreditation.
My Background
By trade I am a qualified teacher and have many years of experience in education, social and youth services. From 2003 to 2010, I was Head of Upper School at St Christopher’s School in Bristol, which is a residential school for children and young people with severe and complex learning difficulties. Prior to that, I worked in social services for 15 years. I have also been actively involved in outdoor activities for disadvantaged young people throughout my career and worked with the Prince’s Trust in this capacity for three years.
A Focus on Bangeston
I am proud to be able to apply my expertise within an organisation that is as forward-looking and proactive as Bangeston. The range of services both on- and off-site are second to none. The centre meets such an important need as due to increased awareness more people are now being diagnosed with autism at an earlier stage, making it much easier to determine precisely what support and help they need. 

Meet our Assistant Managers... Mark Tattersall

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My job, along with the other Assistant Manager, is to offer support to the Registered Manager at Bangeston Autism Care Services, as well as ensure the centre operates effectively and efficiently.
Generally my responsibilities involve checking staffing levels and making sure Support Workers know their roles and responsibilities daily, as well as ensuring service users are happy and following their activity programmes. One thing to be sure of, no two days are ever the same and that is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job.
My Background
I began working at Bangeston in 1999 as a Support Worker
Challenging behaviour was what initially attracted me to the job. Exploring how to manage this type of behaviour and support those that display it is something I find very rewarding.
A Focus on Bangeston 
The first thing people will notice when coming to the main Bangeston Hall site is the idyllic location and sublime open spaces. It’s the access to Bangeston’s seven acres of land that really separates it from your average residential support home and provides a real advantage to us in terms of the quality of life we are able to provide.
At Bangeston, we always do what we say we do. So where other homes are pointing to their facilities, such as an art room, we are not content to have a room with an easel. We provide a trained tutor to supervise, support and encourage our service users and this is true across all the services we offer.

Meet our Assistant Managers... Steven Cartwright

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I am one of two Assistant Managers at Bangeston Autism Care Services. Between us, Bangeston always has management cover from 8am to 10pm ensuring the centre runs smoothly and that quality support is provided at all times.
My Background
I have worked here since 1997, when I joined as a Support Worker. I quickly progressed as a Deputy Senior and then Senior Support Worker. It was through Bangeston that I was able to take my NVQ in Management and progress further in support work. Previously I was an engineer in the RAF where I fixed aeroplanes. The two jobs are very different, yet the transition was rather easy and I soon settled into my new role.
I’d say the key quality necessary for my role would be ‘patience’. Add being a ‘good listener’ to that and working at Bangeston can be a highly rewarding job.
A Focus on Bangeston
Bangeston provides a full and varied programme for our service users, and that’s what separates it from other residential centres. We focus on communication at all levels and provide access to the local community for our residents, which is vital to ensuring they lead full lives. Plus, our specialist tutors and unique facilities, such as the garden and surrounding countryside, mean that our residents can learn and remain active as much as they like.