SCIPr Training - Managing Behaviour

Bangeston Autism Care Services is committed to non-aversive approaches and positive behaviour programming in dealing with crisis situations. Consequently, all our staff are trained in SCIPr UK procedures before they are able to work with service users.

SCIPr UK is designed to help staff deal with challenging behaviour that may occur during a crisis episode. The main focus of the programme is on assisting and teaching individuals to maintain self-control and for staff to engage in proactive methods of handling a crisis, with physical interventions used only as a last resort.

A summary of the aims of SCIPr UK are:

  • To provide a programme of positive approaches to behaviour management encouraging proactive responses
  • To promote appropriate analysis of behaviour leading to understanding of function
  • To teach safe handling and physical intervention techniques based on the principles of no pain and no injury to the individual
  • To use the principle of the ‘least restrictive intervention’ to ensure physical interventions are only used as a last resort when all other planned positive strategies have been exhausted
  • To increase the awareness of staff concerning the importance of recording and reporting, monitoring and evaluating all incidents involving positive handling.

SCIPr UK is compliant with BILD ((British Institute of Learning Difficulties) national guidelines and we have our own qualified instructors on-site.